DIY Stores

DIY supplies materials and tools...
Our D.I.Y. retail clients manage the widest variety of products of all our clients。And like the scale of the outlets,the range of inventory is only increasing。This is an environment of product extremes… in physical size,in value,and in volume。
We offer a range of solutions to effectively prevent losses and give your products the best protection without affecting the customer experience。
At the entrance and exits,our extra tough RF E.A.S. antennas can withstand daily collisions from a fully laden trolley,and have the built-in technology to detect booster bags used by professional shoplifters。

Protection of your creativity and the work achievement

Creative products are the creators of the effort,sold to customers is the best result。Do not let the thief take away your results。

Tools, Materials

Customer tool materials,but also merchandise,of course,to protect。

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