Cultural exchange center

Answers for challenging times

Continuous digitisation and budget cuts are bringing challenging times to libraries。A pity,because Nedap Library Solutions knows libraries are a vital part of local communities。Libraries provide young and old with inspiring books,stunning films and moving music。Combined with beautiful accommodations and numerous cultural activities,libraries have become crucial centres within society。

Innovation saves money

Nedap Library Solutions helps libraries take a step towards a new way of working。Previously,librarians lost valuable time by manually checking out books,checking them back in and replacing them on the shelves。Our technology makes these repetitive activities unnecessary,giving librarians time to deal with visitors instead of books。

A broad portfolio of R.F.I.D. solutions

Thanks to R.F.I.D. technology(Radio Frequency Identification),libraries can now conduct remote,real-time book inventory。We help thousands of libraries across the world through: •Security:no book leaves the library unseen。 •Solutions for employees:librarians will have more time for visitors。 •Solutions for visitors:borrowing and returning books has never been as easy and quick。 •Automatic sorting:books get to the right place automatically。 •Intelligent bookshelves:invisible detection helps find,return and lend books。

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