People-flow Counting

Seize every potential customer
1.Based on the principle of smart video analysis, tracking the trajectory. 2.It can be recognized by multiple people at the same time, the accuracy is above 95%, and the anti-interference ability is strong. 3.Statistics in multiple directions in both directions (in and out simultaneous identification). 4.Repeat in and out to exclude. 5.Height, shopping cart and shopping unit are judged, and redundant data is eliminated. 6.POE power supply, easy to install. 7.Data can be collected and transmitted without additional in-store equipment. 8.Single-machine memory for 88 days of data, which can be uploaded continuously when the network is interrupted. 9.The data is uploaded to the cloud platform, and the data can be viewed on the web. 10.Device parameter settings and firmware upgrades can be performed through the cloud platform. 11.The transmission data is in XML format, not image data, and the traffic is small.
S9 3D Flow counter S9 3D Flow counter
S7 2D Flow counter S7 2D Flow counter
Exclude repeated entry and exit Exclude repeated entry and exit
Privacy and track Privacy and track
Customer employee distinction Customer employee distinction

New life for epidemic prevention, maintain social distancing through the digital control of the insiders

Adopt FLIR storage system, server-free, fast installation.

As many commercial spaces begin to reopen, the need to find effective and practical ways to maintain social distancing inside retail outlets and other capacity-limited spaces is growing. Occupancy counting and people counting has always offered retail locations valuable data about foot traffic and consumer behavior. Now, the technology has become a vital tool to help businesses prevent overcrowding and comply with COVID-19 regulations with customer-facing displays alerting people of occupancy limits and when the space has reached capacity, saving employee time and easing customer concerns.

Organizations deemed “essential” that remained operational throughout the pandemic have been actively improving processes to promote health and safety. Grocers and banks installed plexiglass barriers to fortify separation between customers and staff. Airlines instituted facemask policies for passengers and crew while leaving middle seats vacant. Quick service restaurants increasingly leveraged their drive-through infrastructure while their traditional counterparts shifted demand from the dining room to curbside/delivery fulfillment.

While these common-sense precautions have proven to be largely effective when implemented properly, other strategies will be needed for businesses (and society in general) to operate in the long term, especially as more stores reopen. ... click here

Manpower dispatching

People-flow Counting data,is an important data management。
More visitors,more business opportunities。
But the checkout team is too long,Or there is question about goods can not respond from the staff,etc. greeted ill-conceived state,will become lost opportunities caused by customer dissatisfaction。
The use of People-flow Counting data,we can predict when and where there are more customers,the need for more human services。
So that customers get the full service,to win more profits。

Determin the layout of store

For a several of entrances and exits in the large stores,were installed in the entrance of the People-flow Counting system,can be used to determine the entrance of the crowd situation,for determine the layout of store。There are more people in/out of place,can be placed important sales of goods,or promotional billboards and so on。

Business reference

People-flow Counting statistics should also be combined with the sales situation to determine,if the crowd enough but the sales situation is not good,there may be bad store layout,commodity pricing is too high,shop goods and environmental substandard (such as selling old people Tea in the Ximending,open bookstores in industrial areas),or there are other factors such as competition for stores。

Environmental adjustment

Large stores should install the People-flow Counting system,the number of customers from the store as a reference to adjust the environment. When the number is too large,enhance ventilation and cooling,to give customers a comfortable shopping space;reduce the crowd,reduce wind speed and return to temperature,save money。

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