People-flow Counting

Seize every potential customer

Manpower dispatching

People-flow Counting data,is an important data management。
More visitors,more business opportunities。
But the checkout team is too long,Or there is question about goods can not respond from the staff,etc. greeted ill-conceived state,will become lost opportunities caused by customer dissatisfaction。
The use of People-flow Counting data,we can predict when and where there are more customers,the need for more human services。
So that customers get the full service,to win more profits。

Determin the layout of store

For a several of entrances and exits in the large stores,were installed in the entrance of the People-flow Counting system,can be used to determine the entrance of the crowd situation,for determine the layout of store。There are more people in/out of place,can be placed important sales of goods,or promotional billboards and so on。

Business reference

People-flow Counting statistics should also be combined with the sales situation to determine,if the crowd enough but the sales situation is not good,there may be bad store layout,commodity pricing is too high,shop goods and environmental substandard (such as selling old people Tea in the Ximending,open bookstores in industrial areas),or there are other factors such as competition for stores。

Environmental adjustment

Large stores should install the People-flow Counting system,the number of customers from the store as a reference to adjust the environment. When the number is too large,enhance ventilation and cooling,to give customers a comfortable shopping space;reduce the crowd,reduce wind speed and return to temperature,save money。
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