Loss prevention and Theft prevention

What is E.A.S.?

E.A.S. "Electronic Article Surveillance" uses an electronic signal(soft label or hard label),implanted or affixed to the goods,when the goods in the process of checkouting,the appropriate remove of this electronic signal(degauss or unlock),if the goods not through the checkout counter to do(demagnetization)action,placed in the export of the detection gate,it will be touched by this electronic signal and alarm。

US retail trade stolen $ 20,000 per minute!

An average of 800 thieves per minute to patronize the US retail industry,the average theft of each of each thief about 25 US dollars of goods,$ 20,000 per minute。The loss of goods,is actually the loss of turnover,net profit loss and operating costs greatly increased。In the meager profits of the supermarket today,the loss of goods,more and more businesses feel unbearable。

Fortunately,retailers today can refuse the loss of goods、theft!
The experience of users at home and abroad fully shows that the E.A.S. system can protect the goods from theft,and after using the E.A.S. system,the form counter generally closed the high rate of theft of goods can also open supply;Customers purchase without preservation concerns in the eyes,will be happy,relaxed and comfortable,so that greatly increased the turnover of shopping malls。

Able to repay the equipment investment system!

Investments in E.A.S. systems,such as test antennas,eliminators,and tags,that are fully functional and feature-rich,can be recovered within 6-12 months,depending on the user response to the EAS system。
The reasons for the rapid cost recovery are:
  • Commodity loss is greatly reduced。
  • Retailers have seen a significant increase in revenue。
  • Often the sale of expensive goods in counter can be open frame,sales of which greatly improved。
  • For your customers to create a relaxed and pleasant shopping environment。

The latest survey data on loss prevention in retail trade
According to the latest twelfth annual retail merchandise loss survey,the retail industry losses of $ 3.7 billion a year due to theft of goods。
The result was in 1999 through the sale of more than 3,100 billion dollars in 32 retailers and the survey obtained。
According to a 2000 survey,external theft accounted for 32.7 per cent of all merchandise losses,internal theft accounted for 44.47 per cent,internal management losses and supplier shortfalls accounted for 17.51 per cent。So control within the steal and outside the theft,the retail industry is essential。

Using Electronic Article Surveillance:
  • Remedy the surveillance system(CCD),can not immediately inform the store of the shortcomings of the existing theft。
  • To help store security personnel,the most immediate customer filter discrimination。
  • Inventory loss rate control the most effective weapon。
  • Store the most effective tool to deter theft。
  • Automatically protects against theft。
  • You can rest assured that open frame,display your goods to increase sales。
  • So that shop thief can not enter your store。
  • Bar code scanning degaussing integration。
  • Instant scan,instant degaussing。
  • RF demagnetization does not affect magnetic media。
  • RF antenna has no effect on the heart。

For more than 30 years,retailers have increasingly relied on the E.A.S. family of products to protect their products。Natural and flexible RF technology has enabled E.A.S. to continually increase product performance and performance,At present the degaussing height has reached 18 inches(about 46 cm)。
Despite the size of the RF tag is now beyond the imagination,but E.A.S. DSP digital signal processing system with wide-channel detection antenna can find it。


Intelligene Article Surveillance
By! Sense easily connects all the antennas to the system,connects to the network,and connects to other devices in your company,such as a surveillance system or a security platform。
This connection can be communicated at any time,so that your potential security risks and system performance can be control in time。For the retail industry,this will be an era of commodity digital management and control。
RF radio type
AM magnetic sound type
EM electromagnetic type

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