Library R.F.I.D.

Towards library automation

Not just anti-theft。      It is an important step towards library automation

R.F.I.D. stands for Radio-Frequency IDentification。An R.F.I.D. device serves the same purpose as a barcode or magnetic strip,but in this case there is no need for physical contact。An R.F.I.D. device must be scanned to retrieve the identifying information。

R.F.I.D. is already used in many countries worldwide。The 6 most important advantages of R.F.I.D. in a library are:
1.Reduces queues 2.Improved working conditions for librarians 3.Improved patron service levels 4.Increased circulation / turnaround 5.Enhanced logistical processes 6.Great reduction of false alarms
As R.F.I.D. is a very scalable system for libraries you will always be prepared for the future。This means that you can start with a basic investment,be.g. labels and security gates,and later on you can add more functionalities,such as self service or inventory,without having to change any of the labels or products you bought before。

At Nedap we call this the building blocks。We have created 3 building blocks for your intelligent library:
1.Secure R.F.I.D. library
2.R.F.I.D. self service library
3.Library Service Points

We have different solutions for every library to maintain their relevance in the current age of information。A small library that only needs their items to be secured,a large library that needs support with reshelving books,sorting library items or more efficient logistics,or even a small library that wants to become large:there is a solution for you!
Self Service Stations
Intelligent Shelving
24/7 service and sorting

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