Theft base

Electronic products display protection

Mobile phone , Tablet

MAX815 intelligent Theft base products display 1. Security,Anti-theft,easy to install and operate。 2. Can be fixed charging line,to avoid accidental disconnection。 3. Charging line shows "blue light" as "protection on"。 4. Curl-line design and only slip pad design,giving users a better experience。 5. Only need screw tools and keys,you can simply install。 6. The charging wire can be fixed with the screw,which can prolong the life of the wire。 7. Provide security alerts and equipment protection alerts。
MAX801 intelligent Theft base products display
Installed display

Wear device

1. 0° display,easy and better experience。 2. Support optional watch charging dock, power with secure。 3. Finest selected soft silicone pad。 4. Visible LED indicator,“blue” is “on-guard”。 5. Lockable connector avoids accidental disconnection。 6. Stretchable coiled cable, offering true feeling of the watch。 7. Alarm on watch clip, alarm on stand base。

Electric razor , Toothbrush

Commercial Tablet display

Applicable to all kinds of occasions


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