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Company Profile

The company is engaged in anti-theft system of goods at home and abroad more than 15 years experience, Taiwan's market share of 80 percent, North, Central and South have distribution companies and service positions, Gold-Pick for many electronic goods theft prevention system in Taiwan Is the only domestic professional design, planning, construction, maintenance, EAS commodity anti-theft system of professional management team, the Division staff are equipped with relevant technical certificates and all R & D that is the ability to develop new products, related technical personnel Have worked in RD or PM positions at the Listed company.

The company aims to provide services to customers:

Planning store anti-LOSE solution and library R.F.I.D. and security system building;

At the same time provide the most complete anti-theft system, library automation and the best after-sales service, the customer base is served by all walks of life.

The Company is hereby introduce the major brands in the store, pray to make your company or store the most reasonable price

Use the most complete product and get the best after-sales service; to improve profits, reduce the loss.

(E.A.S.=Electronic Article Surveillance)

The company services:

Library security,Library automation systems,Anti-theft boxes,Anti-theft magnetic stripe,Anti-theft labels,Product labeling,Source tagging,Commodity anti-theft system,Mobile anti-theft base,Camera anti-theft seat,C.E.S. Product display applications,NB laptop anti-theft locks,Flat anti-theft,Anti-theft wire,Anti-theft system,Store security,Theft induction door,EM electromagnetic induction door,Security doors,Invue,Micprotectinvue,Sensormatic,The ZLDRS1 tag,The ZLDRS2 tag,EP410 tags,Exhibition anti-theft,EM security door,Security systems.

Company purpose:

We solve the problem while creating profit opportunities。

Providing security solutions for high-stolen merchandise from retailers around the world。

We aim to help customers increase sales, while reducing theft rate, thus improving customer profitability。

The pursuit of excellence to create huge profits

Product design philosophy is reliable and easy to use。

We know that helping retailers is critical to our success。

As a result, we are also committed to ensuring the best user experience for each protected commodity。

As a result, the customer's attention will be focused on the goods, not care about the safety of goods equipment。



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