In-store R.F.I.D. applications

Merchandise simply available

Nedap offers a scalable approach to optimize your merchandise availability using R.F.I.D. technology. The solution helps you to prevent lost sales and even make more sales. For this, we offer the necessary hard- and software that is designed for in-store retail processes. On the shelf and online, we have the solutions to help retailers manage their stock and monitor product movements so you never have to say ‘no’ to your customers.

R.F.I.D. enables retailers to know exactly which items have actually been delivered to which store, which items have already been moved to the sales floor, which items need to be replenished and identify which items are about to leave the store without being paid for. This insight enables you to prevent out-of-stocks without having to overstock. And you can boost sales as you always have the right merchandise available for your customers.

In-store R.F.I.D. applications

Scalability is key

All Nedap in-store R.F.I.D. solutions offer easy installation, remote service and remote device management. The systems have a limited impact on the store design, are easy to operate and can quickly be rolled-out to hundreds of stores within a short timeframe, and also managed afterwards.Explore our R.F.I.D. reader portfolio and our software solutions.

Software portfolio

Software is an important part of any RFID implementation. To optimally support retailers with the first steps while building their business case, but also during the later roll-out to all stores, we have designed user-friendly cloud-based software solutions that offer instant feedback and insight.

The !D Cloud software suite gives retailers the much needed insight into actual stock levels in the stores. Based on the data from the stores, retailers can analyze and adjust differences between the system data and the data from the RFID cycle count.

On the sales floor, the simple-to-use !D Cloud app design makes stock taking easy and fun for store staff.

!D Cloud Dashboard

Web dashboard for HQ level
  • Extensive difference lists: Compare your ERP data with actual (R.F.I.D.) stock take data
  • Cloud-based solution: 24/7 online insight in any web browser
  • Organization-wide dashboard: All your stores in one overview
  • Multi-level security environment: State-of-the-art protection against loss or misuse of your data.

!D Cloud App

Mobile application for store staff
  • Perfect companion to handheld R.F.I.D. readersand mobile device
  • Supports stores staff with the R.F.I.D. cycle count on the sales floor or in the stock room
  • Intuitive design enables use without extensive training
  • All handlings in one application:
    • Perform cycle counts for different locations

      (e.g. stock room, sales floor)

    • Receive & prepare shipments
    • Program R.F.I.D. labels
    • Search for products or empty labels in your store
    • Automatically synchronize product information

      (like GTIN, name, size, color)


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