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Brand retailers invest heavily to create the ideal shopping experience。Nedap’s advanced solutions for loss prevention and stock management,based on RF and R.F.I.D. technology,help you to effectively prevent losses and optimize your merchandise availability。Real-time actionable data helps you to increase sales and achieve profitable,sustainable growth。

Some of the most beautiful retail spaces and displays are designed for cosmetics,perfumes and health products。Unfortunately,small yet high value items such as mascara,perfumes and lipstick attract a high theft risk。With our RF electronic article surveillance(E.A.S.)solutions,we help retailers to give even the smallest merchandise the best protection。

The best RF system you'll never see!

The Doorframe i7 is a state-of-the-art 8.2 MHz RF antenna with customer counting sensors for intelligent article surveillance(IAS)。 It can easily be mounted on a door or window frame,keeping the entrance of the store wide open。The Doorframe i7 is a concealed solution especially designed for very narrow entrances and entrances where it is not preferred or practical to place gates on the floor。
It is preferred to mount the i7 on the Floor mount column。The Floor mount column is designed for less interference and better performance。It creates flexibility in each store layout。 •Creates more sales space •Integrated customer counters •Can be mounted on wall or doorframe •Equipped with Nedap’s OID(Orientation Independent Detection)technology;Tags are detected regardless of their position(front/flat/side/angled) •Full and focussed RF detection •API available for integrations •Real time insight into Dashboards in store and organization wide •Remote service •Remote firmware updates

Soft label

Can be embedded in the product,or floating paste in the table box

Hard tags

A variety of shapes to choose from


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